An Expert ‘Buy-To-Let’ Checklist when looking for Property in Nuneaton


Buying to Let – popularly hailed as an alternative to badly performing pension funds – was slowed down by a recession that squeezed mortgage deals and discouraged housing investment. But a reviving market is now generating more attractive mortgages, arousing property prices and generally raising rent levels again.
We have found that advice for new Buy-To-Let investors can still be inconsistent and confusing, like most things if you’re Buying-To-Let, you need to do it right and when a big chunk of your own money is involved it becomes paramount.

We thought, to try and make the process of buying to let simpler and more successful for Nuneaton Landlords, we would prepare a definitive checklist. So here we go… Continue reading “An Expert ‘Buy-To-Let’ Checklist when looking for Property in Nuneaton”