Fancy an 8% yield on a Nuneaton Buy to Let?

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Good morning, I came across this property this morning and wanted to put it out there. This could prove to be a good little buy to let property, and many people around the country could look into this option as a first-time buyer and investor. You may want to make some updated changes to it, for appeal’s sake, not only bringing up the price a bit but making it more modern. For example, a shower glass company can help with designing a sleek and stylish bathroom, another area is updating the kitchen cabinets with help from an interior designer, there are many possibilities. This particular location, we have found, is very easy to rent as it is close to town and in the catchment area for many of the sought after schools in Nuneaton, meaning it is ideal as a family home for a small or medium-sized family. It is a 2 bedroom end terrace and has just been listed with an asking price of offers above £80,000. Internally it looks like no work needs to be done and the garden is very impressive. Its an ideal family rental, the kind that Letting Agents Coventry, or indeed any would if they were in the area. It really seems like a no-brainer purchase when you think about all these factors coming together. As it stands, Bairstowe Eves definitely have a bargain here to be had, and it could make a family very happy for years to come!

Once it is ready for letting, you could be looking at around the £560 mark per month so you are looking at a potential whopping return of 8% per year with a purchase price of £82,000!

If you would like to know about lettings services, feel free to give us a call: 02477 674545

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  206. I’m trying to imagine what other nations would be allowed “no daylight” in Mitt’s hugfest. (And, btw, does that permit copping a feel?)Mitt’s ancestral homeland, the U.K.? Our nearest non-drug-war neighbor, Canada? Or Canada only as long as their Conservatives are in power?It makes no sense that he would single out Israel, unless he’s following the old adage, “Keep your friends close, and your most dysfunctional friends with no daylight between ya.” Remember that one? Me neither.

  207. Gracias Roberto por una reseña que refleja muy bien lo que se siente. No solo creo que es una manera diferente de aprender derecho. Creo que es la mejor manera de aprender derecho (creo que es la mejor manera de aprender cualquier cosa). Mis tres experiencias como coach y las dos como profesor del curso junto con Roberto Angeles se encuentran, de lejos, como las mejores experiencias académicas y docentes de mi vida. Y estoy seguro que este es un camino seguir para formar mejores abogados y mejores personas.

  208. I don’t know, Mina. I like the way you guys are keeping the old ways going. That villages who have, most likely, been robbing tombs for literally thousands of years are STILL AT IT, even today. That’s what I call continuity.According to the guy who told me, the gold gets broken up and sold for reuse. People like Ancient Egyptian gold because it has a darker colour. Go figure.And, as I said, I will save my best Egyptian history books for you.

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  212. You people who say this show is dumb and that they get scammed are retarded. The point of this show is NOT to prove anything. It is simply to do investigative research into unknown incidents. To me this show is great because it raises plenty of legitimate questions that everyone else is unable to answer. Out of thousands of witnesses and stories, you can’t discount every one of them saying that they are hoaxes or lies.

  213. para mi la primera imagen es una obra de arte por que en ella no se muestra el cuerpo de la mujer con intension de sedusir ….sino como algo delicado y hermoso….2)la segunda imagen puede ser vulgar para algunos por la expresion corporal de la modelo y la pocision de su cuerpo y la muestra de seduccion…..3)eso depende de del mensaje ke se kiera llevar …..y para el publico al que vaya dirijido….

  214. Well, I had visions and dreams about this stuff many years ago, so I always saw it as something that might happen sometime. About the water rise, if we can understand that all the ice from all around the world would melt in a solar extreme flare explosion, or if the earth would shifts axes for any reason such as an asteroid hit or a huge nuclear explosion then yes, it is possible. ?

  215. I had misgivings about leaving the link to the poetry slam “Pretty” and the universe (the book I am reading) provided this quote – “Love makes us beautiful. Do you know a single person who loves and is loved, who is loved unconditionally and who, at the same time, is ugly? There’s no need to ponder the question. There is no such person.” I feel better now. I admire you so much!! The book is The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philipp Sendker.

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  217. Hej Marika!Till skillnad nu mot julgranen så måste jag hålla med din make om han inte tycker att elementskydden är så viktiga. Jag var tvungen att backa och titta på bilderna igen för att se elementet. Du hade gjort så fint i fönstret så jag såg inget annat. Det är så proffsiga inredare gör. Har du något tips för dammråttor också? ;DKram Lena

  218. Google – "One man's boat, is another man's Yacht."I suspect what we are talking about in terms of "wealth" and "wealthy" are two, very very different things.Up to about $5 million in net worth, the majority of the people indeed have degrees. North of that, the majority do not. North of about $50 million to the billions – 70% don't have college degrees.You can look it up… on Google.

  219. I’ve only been out as an atheist for (only actually been an atheist) for a little over 6 months or so. But anything the subject does come up, I make it clear that I’m atheist. Before I identified as agnostic and before that as an unbelieving Mormon, and as soon as I left BYU I was open about my beliefs. But it’s rather common for people to ask you outright about your religious beliefs when you live in downtown SLC. Everyone wants to know who’s Mormon and who’s not. But because I’m gay, I think a lot of people have assumed things about my religious beliefs (or lack thereof) without me telling them.

  220. January 24, 2012 at 13:26The start of many wonderful adventures together , they make a great looking team . Now there is even more reason for snow I really want to see little Kyra bouncing about in it and you rolling about in it teaching how to enjoy it . Our dogs LOVED IT !!! last Monday but 4 hours in the dark what good is that pfft . Forget that the farmers and winter sports people need it – the pupsters want it more

  221. Josef: Nejsem první, kdo podává racionální důkaz Boha. Ve středověku to udělal logicky velmi precizně třeba svatý Tomáš Akvinský a v novější době pomocí matematického formálního jazyka třeba Kurt Gödel.Tyto důkazy byly mnohokrát kritizovány. Není divu také že to je úplně absurdní. V matematice může existovat cokoliv. Lítající prasata na co si jen člověk pomyslí, ale nikdy nemůže přímo nic říci o skutečném světě. Jestli mi nevěříte zkuste si matematicky dokázat co jsem si právě postavil na počítač.

  222. Amaya / Este post tampoco es para publicar, aunque la última vez que dije lo mismo, lo hicisteis… como querais.Muy aclarador sobre la situación, por si alguno tenemos dudas de lo que pasa en el ppsoe.Mi comentario es acerca de la redacción del último párrafo… algo se me queda bloqueado en la cebolleta cuando leo “llegará un día en que niños aun no nacidos”…¿no se entiende mejor si dice, por ejemplo “habrá un día en que niños que aun no han nacido…?Mil gracias, Rosa

  223. And yet right-wingers are vilifying him all over the right-wing sites and calling for his recall or resignation.There was nothing in any of his comments blaming the right-wing. Nothing I heard at least.Despicable.He sounds awesome. We have an awesome new sheriff here. It’s a comfort to have one of those in your community.