Could this Nuneaton property being a TREAT this Halloween?

fitton street

Good Morning everyone. We spotted this property this morning that has just been added by Russell Cope. Now we all know that these buy to let investment properties fly off the shelves within hours in Nuneaton, and even though there are no internal pictures of this property id highly recommend a viewing.

It is ideally placed in Nuneaton town centre in the catchment area for the ‘desirable’ schools, as well as being within a 5 minute walk from the town as well as train station. These properties also tend to appeal to staff working at George Elliot Hospital as they too would only have a 5 minute walk to work.

With an asking price of £91,500 I can only imagine that internally no work needs to be done on this property but again that’s only my presumption. You could be looking at a rental income of £560-£575 PCM depending on condition which would give you an annual yield of 7.38%, which is a very appealing figure for any potential investor.

If you are looking to invest in property in Nuneaton and would like advise on areas that rent well, or any other information, please feel free to pop in and see us on Bond Street, alternatively you can give us a call on: 02477 674545

Don’t be haunted by your buy to let in Nuneaton this Halloween!


With Halloween just a few days away, we’ll be haunted by ghosts and Ghouls. Whilst this annual fright night is based on fiction and designed to entertain the children, it is true that if a rental property is the victim of a difficult history, a letting agent could find that it is more problematic to let.

Houses that have been used by previous tenants as brothels or cannabis factories – or have been home to squatters – can cause problems when trying to find a new tenant. Even properties that have been owned by uncaring or corrupt landlords can develop a long-lasting stigma that will stay with the property long after it has been sold on to a new investor. In the past we’ve taken on rogue properties, usually from a private landlord that have previously been used for undesirable activities . While it can be difficult to manage a property with this kind of reputation, it is possible to raise its profile within the community. Continue reading “Don’t be haunted by your buy to let in Nuneaton this Halloween!”