Nuneaton ‘out of town’ buy to let investment with a potential 7% yield!?

prescelly prescelly1 prescelly 2I think a lot of us keen property investors tend to overlook certain properties because they’re not in the ‘desired’ areas of town, or because they don’t look a certain way. I’ve said it before and I know so many of us that are guilty of it…  but a buy to investment is not a property for you to live in, its a property that you will be renting out and reaping the benefits of, so what may not be appealing to us personally, would be someone else’s dream home/location.

I found this property which is being marketed by Your Move, and believe it could be a little gem of an investment. It is a 3 bedroom property with conservatory, located at the back end of Stockingford which would be ideal for commuters to both Coventry, Birmingham, Tamworth just to name a few. It is also in the catchment for the desired primary schools in that area.

It is on the market for £105,000 but as with any property you could make a reasonable offer. If they were to accept say £100,000 and you were to charge £600 a month rent, then you would be looking at a yield of 7.2%. I would most definitely recommend a viewing on this property before it, like all the others, gets snapped up!

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A very ‘warming’ Nuneaton 2 bed investment opportunity.

kenilworth1 kenilworth2 kenilworth3

Good Morning, hope you haven’t all frozen over!..This might warm your cockles.

A lovely 2 bed ‘new build'( on an estate roughly 10 years old) has come on the market this morning with Springbok Properties,  at offers over £95,000. It looks from the pictures like it is in immaculate condition and has a conservatory on the back of it which is rare for a ‘terrace’ property.

Located in a highly sort after area in Nuneaton, right by the Old Mill Surgery, this property would be very easily rented out. We would highly recommend a viewing before it gets snapped up.

With regards to what you could expect yield wise, if they were to accept an offer of £96,000, and you could easily market the property at £625 a month, you would be looking to get a very warming figure of 7.81%! Again, its not just about the yield factor but also the investment potential and if you read previous blogs you will know that house prices in Nuneaton will just be going up and up….and up, so its a win win situation!

If you would like to speak to us about renting out this property or any other you may have, please fell free to pop in and see us, or give us a call on 02477 674545 and we’d be happy to speak with you.



‘Right to Rent’ and the effect it will have on Nuneaton Landlords.


“Who would want to move house in weather like this” was what a  landlord said to me last week on a  cold, grey, Monday morning when I met him at one of his newly acquired properties. To which my response was ” you’d be surprised” rentals are quite literally flying off the shelves in Nuneaton! … which he confessed to having read about several times on my blog, but just couldn’t quite believe it.

His concern now, with self managing the properties, was with all the new legislation that had been introduced recently. We met him at the landlord and letting show in November where talks were being given about all the new changes that will come into play with regards to letting your property. His main concern was with the  up and coming ‘Right to Rent’ legislation, so, as his tenant had handed in their notice recently, he called us for our opinion before embarking on a new tenancy. Continue reading “‘Right to Rent’ and the effect it will have on Nuneaton Landlords.”

What will 2016 bring for Nuneaton Property Investment?


Nuneaton house prices up or Nuneaton house prices down? … and if so, by how much? This was the question asked to me by one of our landlords yesterday. A very good question indeed. He was hoping my crystal ball would point him in the right direction with regards to whether further investments in the Nuneaton property market would make sense this year. Continue reading “What will 2016 bring for Nuneaton Property Investment?”

7.8% yield on a Stockingford Semi!

westbury1 westbury2 westbury3

Good Afternoon to you all, after having done some research on some buy to let opportunities for one of our current landlords I came across this which I thought would be nice to share with you.

It is a 3 bedroom semi detached property in the Stockingford area of Nuneaton. Located in a sought after area for the school catchments its an ideal family home. It is currently being marketed by Purple Bricks for £99,950. Judging from the photos this property would be ready to rent out without any work needing to be done to it, and with an achievable rent of £625-£650 PCM you would look to be getting a 7.8% yield.

Properties in Nuneaton come onto the market and within days are sold subject to contract…. I predict that this property will soon be gone too. Its rare to find a property such as this one, for a price of under £100k especially when smaller properties in areas such as Attleborough are selling for £40k more and not in such great condition. Potential investors may think that the area that this particular property is in isn’t as appealing as the likes of Attleborough but believe me, they fly off the shelves!

If you would like to talk to us about investing in Nuneaton, and what different areas can offer you, please feel free to give us a call on 02477 674545 or drop in and see us on Bond Street.

New year buy to let opportunity in Nuneaton with a 6.95% yield

fitton1 fitton2 fitton3

Good Morning Readers, and a Happy New Year to you all.

The housing market it seems is also taking a while to ‘wake up’ after the Christmas period with not much being marketed…. however, this lovely 2 bed terrace on Fitton Street has popped up and in my opinion looks like a nice little investment.

Location wise, its in a highly sought after area of town where the houses literally fly off the shelves once they have been advertised to rent. Its perfect for nurses/doctors working at George Elliot hospital and also for small families looking for a house that falls in the catchment area for the desired schools. Another plus with this property is that judging from the pictures, there is no work that will need to be done to it as its all been modernised and walls and carpets look in good clean condition.

This property is being marketed by Dixons, and for a buy to let opportunity needing no work id highly recommend a viewing.

With an asking price of offers over £95,000 I think it would be more than acceptable to offer the £95k, and then to charge £550 PCM minimum in rent, this would give you a nice 6.95% yield, not only is the yield an impressive figure but these particular properties are forecasted to increase in value quite substantially over the coming years, so all in all a good investment id say!

If you require any further information on investing in Nuneaton, or on the rental of any of your properties, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 02477 674545.