‘Right to Rent’ and the effect it will have on Nuneaton Landlords.


“Who would want to move house in weather like this” was what a  landlord said to me last week on a  cold, grey, Monday morning when I met him at one of his newly acquired properties. To which my response was ” you’d be surprised” rentals are quite literally flying off the shelves in Nuneaton! … which he confessed to having read about several times on my blog, but just couldn’t quite believe it.

His concern now, with self managing the properties, was with all the new legislation that had been introduced recently. We met him at the landlord and letting show in November where talks were being given about all the new changes that will come into play with regards to letting your property. His main concern was with the  up and coming ‘Right to Rent’ legislation, so, as his tenant had handed in their notice recently, he called us for our opinion before embarking on a new tenancy. Continue reading “‘Right to Rent’ and the effect it will have on Nuneaton Landlords.”