How do Nuneaton properties compare to those in Bedworth?

haunchwood   vs     new street bedworth

Morning Readers, I feel its time to do another town to town comparison report on what is available for all you investors out there looking to invest.

As I have spoken about many a time before, Nuneaton this year seems to be slowing down on properties that are being sold that would be ‘ideal’ buy to let opportunities. When I say ideal im talking about the 2/3 bedroom terrace houses in the town centre/attleborough location which you can buy for £95,000 maybe give it a lick of paint and a new carpet then pretty much rent it out straight away.

So…why not look further afield, areas such as Bedworth. I know from doing property lettings that a rental property that goes on the market in either Nuneaton or Bedworth will get snapped up pretty much straight away, and this is because the demand for rentals far exceeds the availability. This is nice for us landlords because it gives us the option to pick the most suitable applicant of course, but if we want to buy more in order to ‘help’ house these ideal tenants we’re pretty much snookered in the current market. Continue reading “How do Nuneaton properties compare to those in Bedworth?”