Nuneaton Homeowners- keep your property safe this summer.

When the weather is good, there’s no beating a British summer. It’s the time to enjoy barbecues, outdoor entertaining, children splashing in the paddling pool and balmy evenings.

However, because there is never any guarantee of really hot weather, British households tend not to have air conditioning, unlike other countries where sweltering summers are inevitable. So when things hot up, we tend to revert to our manual air-conditioning system – we open the windows!

The problem is that we often forget to close them again, or we deliberately leave them open night and day, providing a perfect opportunity for burglars and opportunists to pounce. Indeed, insurance companies report a 21% increase in claims following an unforced entry during the summer months. Small easily-snatched items such as handbags, car keys, mobile phones and jewellery are among the most popular thefts; lucrative for the thief and really, really, annoying to lose. Burglars can be in and out of a property in seconds, often whilst unsuspecting occupants are in the garden or watching television in another room.

To add insult to injury, insurance companies will not usually honour a claim for such theft unless the homeowner has “taken reasonable steps to prevent loss or damage”. An open window is an invitation to a burglar and hardly demonstrates the reasonable care demanded by insurers.

This is why it’s so important to be very conscious about which insurance provider you go with. Do services like one sure insurance have your best interests at heart? Try not to fear insurance companies! They are there to help ensure you are covered for the worst possible scenarios. However, you don’t want to be denied compensation just because of an open window, especially when you’re paying them so much. Of course, you can look at this policygenius review to find out how you can compare and save on your auto, life and car insurance. But, even then, you want your insurance to have your back, even if it was cheaper than other options.

There are obvious yet often overlooked ways of avoiding the anxiety of a summer theft, such as:

Never leave front doors or windows open or unlocked when you are at the back of your property or in the garden.

Never leave valuables on windowsills.

Use restrictors on windows so they can only be opened part-way.

Regularly review your home insurance needs.

Support your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

You might also consider replacing any house feature, such as a door or window, that provides access, if it is broken or not working properly. Faulty or broken doors and windows could be considered a weak point in the house. If you decide to replace your windows you could possibly use a term similar to window replacement in Fredericksburg or one that has relevancy to your local area to potentially find a suitable window replacement professional. You can also use a similar tactic for finding a door replacement specialist if you wish to. You may also wish to install some additional security features, such as removable bollards with locks, at the front of your property to prevent anyone from driving in at night, and also providing a visible deterrent by demonstrating that you do take security seriously.

These are all pointers that you may wish to share with your tenants in order to prevent them from having to deal with such crimes.

May we wish you a happy and secure summer!