The BIGGEST Housing development Nuneaton has seen in years is set to be given the Go Ahead!

Now, I wasn’t sure whether to publish this article as it really is only my opinion but I figured “hey why not, I’m entitled to an opinion”…right? and I want to share it with all of our lovely readers and would love to know what you think. Here goes…

There was an article in the Coventry Telegraph quite recently (and you’re probably already aware of this) about a new housing estate to get given the go ahead in Nuneaton. Well, it’s not just any housing estate, it’s more like a village….on the Longshoot (up to the A5).

Now I have my own views on this as well as an objective view. I’m going to start with my view first (as my husband knows only too well) be prepared for sarcasm and ranting;

Those who bought their house on the longshoot a good few years ago when they looked out their window and saw green fields and had some sense of enjoyable environment must look out their window now and be furious! Faced with congested traffic throughout the day and hundreds of new homes (most of which look the same) and hundreds of new neighbours (that they probably didn’t want!).

Well these people are in for an even bigger shock when this plan gets approved (I say ‘when’ because, let’s face it, it’s GOING to happen…there’s so much money to be made!) because there will be another 850 houses to accommodate and, I imagine, at least double the amount of vehicles (if not more) to add to the, already congested, roads every day.

It’s ok though because they’re building a primary school as well *sigh*. I’m not entirely sure where the children will go when they’ve completed primary school because the other schools in Nuneaton are already overcrowded. Hopefully they will have learnt enough by the age of 11.

What surprises me the most is that there have only been 18 letters of objection to the proposed new Longshoot City! I think some of the other objections were ‘filed’ away…in the “we’ve already decided it’s going ahead” folder!

I also think this new development will really hinder any local properties from selling if people decided to up and leave the craziness of the longshoot. I feel genuinely bad for those who live nearby because the last few years have been chaotic enough with the, now built, developments on the longshoot and now they’re proposing even more upheaval! If you live on the longshoot or close by, you have my utmost sympathy.

I find all this talk of building hundreds more homes to help first time buyers very amusing. Are these houses REALLY going to be affordable for first time buyers or are they just going to be REALLY profitable for the developers and anyone else who’s ‘involved’?!

I may be an Estate Agent but I’m also a human being, a mother and have lived in Nuneaton all my life and I’m genuinely concerned that there won’t be a patch of grass or tree left in Nuneaton by the time my son grows up. I also feel genuine sadness for those who live nearby.

Nuneaton is fantastic place to invest in properties, there’s no doubt about that, and there are always going to be people wanting to rent, but what benefit will these 850 homes bring to Nuneaton? If anyone has walked around the town recently (to visit Poundland or the several hundred charity shops we have) you will know that a lot of time and money is better invested in our Town first before accommodating another 850 households.

I know I said I had an objective point of view but I really don’t. This one’s all personal.

*Please note that my personal views are just that, my personal opinion. I do not mean to offend or upset anyone by this article*

To read the full article by the Coventry Telegraph please click here

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