Nuneaton Landlords- Have you heard… A call for tenants to get 3 months free rent if hit with Coronavirus.

Without meaning to sound unsympathetic about things, the Coronavirus is starting to become as repetitive as Brexit. Now that we’ve got Brexit out of the way, the Coronavirus has literally infected the entire worlds media and caused widespread panic. What is actually going to happen? Well, the simple answer is, no one really knows.

One clever (not so clever) individual, Richard Murphy, a chartered accountant & political economist thinks it would be a good idea for tenants renting private accommodation to get a MINIMUM of 3 months free rent if they get the Coronavirus!

If I could use emojis on this blog it would be the one slapping it’s hand to it’s face!

All I can say to this is “Whaaaaaaaaaat????”. Just ridiculous! Richard Murphy is saying that the Coronavirus will have a “profound effect….on the economy”, yeah, no shirt Sherlock!! If, by some madness, this ACTUALLY happens, tenants may very well find them selves homeless anyway because the house that they are living in, rent free, will most likely be repossessed because the landlord will probably be unable to afford that additional cost per month. What if their landlord also has the Coronavirus and is struggling to pay their own mortgage? Ever think of that one Richard Murphy?? Honestly…some people (rolling eyes emoji)! For more of this insanity, you can read the full blog article here

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