Nuneaton Landlords- Under pressure by Boiler Pressure?

As a property manager, I have a lot of phone calls from tenants with some complaint or another. The boiler is often one of the ones people call up about. After all it is used for central heating, washing up, hot baths, and showers; we would be hard-pressed to cope without it working all the time.

So when a tenant calles up saying “my heating and hot water has gone off” before you immediately go to and book an emergency repair, ask this important question first: “what is the pressure gauge saying on the boiler?”. From experience, several of my tenants usually respond with: “the what?” and then it turns out the cause of their boiler ‘breaking down’ is a simple case of the pressure dropping off.

With the problem diagnosed it can be easy to sort out by the tenant or even by yourself. When there is no possibility of finding a solution or if further help is required (visit I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning services as an example), it is prudent not to fix the problem yourself. Sometimes it’s a case of turning the boiler off for a while to let the pressure recover. If that doesn’t work it may be the valves that may require expert help. Obviously, I do my best to avoid sending out a plumber unnecessarily. But in some cases, I might need to look for plumbing services that can offer the expertise of a plumber to fix the boiler. This is just a quick and simple way to sort out your tenant’s troubles without costing you too much out of pocket.

In case you are low on budget, you can also install humidifiers on the property. They can help in quick heating on those chilly winter days and can work as an alternative to a faulty boiler. Humidifiers often require an electric supply and distilled water to function properly. Hence, you may want to buy distilled water in large quantities so that your humidifier will not run out of stock.

Today I came across a very helpful video from Jamie at Hydro Heat Plumbing and he explains why the pressures drops and how to re-pressurise the boiler yourself. This video may even save you from having to call the plumber, just so long as you know what you are doing. .

I’ll be sending this round to all of our tenants and landlords so i wanted to share it with all of you too. Watch the full video HERE.