Farewell to Nuneatons co-op building

Farewell to the co-op building

For many generations of Nuneatoners the Co-OP building, in the town centre, holds precious memories. Mine centre around childhood trips to the toy department and chip batches in café. So it is with some sadness that we bid farewell to the co-op building and look to the future of Nuneaton. 

The co-op building has been vacant since 2016, following the Heart of England Co-operative Society’s announcement that with a ‘heavy heart’ the store would close. This bought into question the fate of the large retail building at the heart of Nuneaton Town Centre.

Early this year the building was purchased by Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.  The Leader of the Council, Cllr Julie Jackson said:

“We have invested in this site so that we can better influence the future development of this part of Nuneaton town centre and we are keen to get started on improvements immediately.”

“This is a very large site and the possibilities are exciting. Obviously, we are still at a very early stage with this project and we’ll be keeping residents informed of progress. It is an exciting development and one of great importance to the town.”

Demolition has now begun on a portion of the building, making way for a development lead by the Transforming Nuneaton Programme. (Click here to see more about Transforming Nuneaton in our recent blog.) It is worth noting that the historical and aesthetic Art-Deco frontage on Queens Road will remain it tack.

The full plans for the site are not yet clear, but we hope that the removal of part of this build, makes way for a modern retail and leisure space in Nuneaton, where future generations buy toys and each chip batches!

Our Star Buy! – Shanklin Drive, Nuneaton, 3 Bed Semi-detached

This month our star buy is a 3 bed semi-detached property we have for sale on Shanklin Drive, Nuneaton, with an asking price of £235,000. This property comprises of an open plan living/dining room, with patio doors to a conservatory, a high spec kitchen, downstairs w.c and storage cupboard and upstairs 2 double bedrooms, one single bedroom and family bathroom. The property also has a front garden and shared driveway leading to a garage at the rear of the property and good sized back garden.

So what makes it our star buy?

Well for starters it has been thoroughly renovated to a really high standard throughout. The renovation includes; a new fitted kitchen, with integrated fridge freezer and dishwasher, a brand new boiler and new doors. The elegant and neutral design is perfect for modern life and is demonstrated by the thoughtful placements of sockets and TV points through the property – because who doesn’t charge their phone by their bed these days? But the best bit of buying a newly renovated property has to be the aroma of fresh paint that greats you when you step through the door.

This property also happens to share its address with Higham Lane Secondary School. Higham Lane School is rated Outstanding by Ofsted and officially Nuneaton’s best performing secondary school, it is even in the top ten across the whole county. This property is perfect for growing families, especially those starting to think about secondary school places.

And the cherry on the top is that this property is being sold with no upward chain!

If that sounds like the property for you, then you do need to get in quick, as this star buy has already had a lot of interest. To view the property details Click Here or call our office on 024 7767 4545.

Why we need more homes on our Nuneaton high street.

Firstly, the government’s stance on the property market is that we need more houses! In fact the government wants 300,000 new house to be build each year by mid-2020. These plans are apparently “way off track” but in Nuneaton we have certainly seen our town grow, with housing developments in Weddington, The Long shoot and Queen Elizabeth Road.

With the majority of these development taking place on the outskirts of Nuneaton, it got us thinking about the possibility of adding homes to the centre of town.

In recent years the UK has seen a massive return to city centre living, with our neighbouring city of Birmingham showing a massive 163% increase in population, from 9,800 to 25,800 people in the last decade. This is primarily made up of young professional, who live, work and socialise in the city. This has massive implications for the high street, with the residence creating the need for gyms, bars, restaurants and shops.

Being a proud Nuneaton business, we can accept that we perhaps can’t compete with the draw of Birmingham, however, on a smaller scale Nuneaton town centre living could boost our high street.

And it’s not just a benefit for the town centre but also for those that choose to live there! Town/city centre living is more environmentally friendly and cheaper (depending of house prices per square foot). People living in town and city centres are less likely to have the need for a car, use less water and have lower energy bills compared to separate dwellings.

We certainly aren’t the only ones thinking about town centre living as an option to help with housing demand and improve the high street. In 2015, the government introduced the Permitted Development Right, which allow retail and office space to be converted into residential dwellings without the need for planning permission. This could suggest that city centre style living may be coming to Nuneaton in the near future.

What does the Prime Minister’s name-check means for Nuneaton house prices?

Last week Prime Minister Theresa May gave our very own Nuneaton a name-check in Parliament. This moment in the spotlight was in relation to the huge plans to improve Nuneaton Town Centre. It is no secret that Nuneaton, like many other towns up and down the country, has suffered in recent years; due to changes in how we shop and closure of several national brands.

The Transforming Nuneaton Programme is a joint effort by Warwickshire County Council and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council to regenerate Nuneaton Town Centre. In particular, the project focuses on area by the train station, which just so happens to be where our office is!

 Transforming Nuneaton has now applied for a slice of a £675 Million pot, called the Future High Street Fund, set aside by the Government to improve town centres.

Regarding Nuneaton’s Bid application, in Parliament Theresa May said;

“I am pleased to hear about the Transforming Nuneaton programme” and “The bid from Nuneaton for the Future High Street Fund is currently under consideration and we hope to announce the bids that have been successful in going forward to the business development phase in the summer.”

Despite the need for the improvements to the town centre, the housing market in Nuneaton is very buoyant, with both home owners and investors. It is evident, from the growth of Nuneaton, with the housing developments in Weddington and the Long Shoot, that Nuneaton is a desirable area to live. Plans to transform Nuneaton Town Centre into a place where people live, do business, shop and visit, can only be a good thing for the Nuneaton property market and Nuneaton as a whole.

We wish Transforming Nuneaton the best of luck with their application and can’t wait to see development begin!

£7.5 million Investment to be spent on Nuneaton !

What will this mean for Nuneaton property?….

In my opinion, it’s simple! The past few years investors have been going crazy over property in Nuneaton, with it being such a central location with commuting links right on your doorstep and yields that you would struggle to get elsewhere, it’s a no brainer!

Buying property now, in preparation for this huge investment of our town will mean in a few years when works are underway/complete, house prices as well as achievable rental yields will inevitably boom! Remember, you can get to London in less than an hour from Nuneaton…and more and more people are moving here for a fraction of the living cost and taking that daily commute.

Nuneaton town centre inevitably needs some TLC!  Sean Farnell, a board director at the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP), said: “This is a positive step forward to transform Nuneaton in the short and long-term for the benefit of residents, businesses and people visiting the town.

If you currently have property in Nuneaton that you are looking to rent out, or looking to invest in Nuneaton, we always have the kettle on so you are more than welcome to come and pick our brains about what your plans are. Just give us a call on 02477 674545 and book in a time.

Nuneaton Landlords- Here’s some FREE ADVICE on all things EPC related…

I interviewed Anthony Bruce from Midland EPC to find out exactly what EPC’s are, what the new regulations mean and WHO is responsible to pay for any proposed improvements.

You’ll find out where to go to look for any available grants / funding to help you improve the EPC rating of your property and much more!!

To see the full video, CLICK HERE .

For more information about EPC’s or any information relating to property Letting, please feel free to give us a call 02477 674545 or why not pop in an see us at Unit 4, The Courtyard, 17 Bond Street, Nuneaton CV11 4BX

A £7.5m scheme to rejuvenate Nuneaton town centre

This is a headline that us Nuneaton folk have been waiting for…hoorah! The BBC News announced the “Go ahead for £7.5m Nuneaton town centre revamp” on 12th November, much to everyone’s delight.

What does this mean for Nuneaton Property Investment? Well, with a thriving, vibrant and busy town, Nuneaton rental properties will be even more in demand than they are now!

We’ve known for some time now that this was going to happen, what with the mass housing developments going on around Nuneaton and even MORE expected, it’s only right that we get a brand new sparkly town to match!

Property Investors from near and far have been expressing an interest in Nuneaton for some time and now that this Rejuvination scheme is on the cards, now is a great time to get investing in Nuneaton!

If you would like to discuss this article in more detail, please feel free to give us a call on 02477 674545, email info@qthomes.co.uk or, why not pop in and see us for a coffee and a chat.

For more information on the proposed town developments, please contact Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council 02476376376

Star Buy in Nuneaton with a yield of 6.5%

During my daily browse on Rightmove I came across a property in Stockingford, Nuneaton which caught my eye. It is in need of some love and attention but it has fantastic potential.

It’s currently on the Market with Hawkins at offers over £105,000. The price does reflect the work required, which is pretty much a new kitchen, new bathroom as a minimum.

It currently has a good size lounge and a kitchen diner on the ground floor with two bedrooms and a sizeable bathroom on the first floor.

The layout is attractive and would be appealing to prospective tenants. With a total revamp of the kitchen and bathroom, this house could be a cracking rental property bringing in around £625/month rent.

If you were to purchase it for £105,000 and spend £10k (max) bringing it up to scratch, you’d be looking at a very attractive annual yield of 6.5%

Click the link below to see more property information…
Two Bedroom Terraced on Church Road, Nuneaton
*Pictures featured were taken by Hawkins*

Do you want a pool of 1,500 Nuneaton Tenants to choose from?

What a silly question, of course you do!

Well, as I’m just so kind, I’ll let you into a little secret…they’re all gathered in one group on Facebook.

Some time ago, we created a group on Facebook with the purpose of introducing Nuneaton Landlords to Nuneaton tenants. You’re probably thinking “why on earth would you do that? A Letting Agent being kind and thoughtful!?”. Well let me tell you, we do exist and we’re not as bad as people think we are. Especially Mariam and I…we’re just the best…so our Dad tells us.

Since creating the group a couple of years ago, it has gained 1,581 members to date. Most of whom are local tenants looking for a Nuneaton property but, most importantly, to them, a private landlord.

Now we do sometimes question why people are so desperate to go through a private landlord rather than an agent. Sometimes they’re just trying to save cost by avoiding the Agent fees, which is fair enough, we understand. But sometimes they might be trying to hide much more.

Have you ever asked a tenant where they’ve been living for the past 3 years and they say “living with my Mum and Dad”? Now for a 20-25 year old, I’d say that’s kind of acceptable (although I’d still raise a suspicious brow…just the one) but, as a private landlord you say “oh ok, no need for a landlord reference”.

What you didn’t know is that they’ve been renting several properties over the last 3 years, getting into rent arrears with each one and being evicted every 6-12 months!

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t always the case and people are living with parents for longer BUT what I would say is that it’s your responsibility to investigate these things. Get proof that they’ve been living with their parents (bills, bank statements, pay slips, electoral roll with their parent’s address). Make the effort to protect yourself as much as possible.

I’m not sure how many successful matchings there has been on the Facebook group but I’m confident that it’s quite a lot. As soon as a private landlord posts a property on there, the tenants are like vulchers around a piece of rotting flesh. Sorry for the grim analogy, it’s the first one that came to mind, but you get my drift.

The reason being, of course, is that young people are struggling to find the deposit to get that first step on the property ladder so, as soon as a semi-decent Nuneaton property becomes available, they’re all over it.

If you’re looking for a tenant for your Nuneaton property and you are CONFIDENT that you are a GOOD LANDLORD who has everything in place (certificates, deposit, correct paperwork etc) then feel free to join the group and post your property on ‘Nuneaton Houses to Let For Sale or Wanted’.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want all the hassle and just want an Agent to find a tenant for you, you know where we are and we’re always happy to help. If you’re not sure about whether you should get in touch, don’t just take our Dad’s word for it, take a look at our Facebook reviews to see if we’re right for you (@qthomeslettingsltd).

Happy Hunting People!

I can’t sell my Nuneaton Buy To Let because of my Tenant!

We were recently instructed to sell a property but the Vendor had a bit of a dilemma. She had a tenant in situ who was not happy about the property being sold. She told the vendor that she would not move until she was evicted by the bailiffs, a process we all know can take quite a long time as well as being costly.

After talking in more depth with the Vendor we had to inform her that the notice she had already served on her tenant was void because she had not done any of the things she was required to do (by law) at the start of the tenancy. This did not go down well but she was grateful to find out now rather than at court when the judge would roll his/her eyes and just dismiss it.

Now, it’s important to remember that although this Vendor was clearly distressed and worried about the whole situation, the tenant would be feeling incredibly vulnerable and angry that she was, in effect, losing her home.

At this juncture in a tenant/landlord relationship, it’s so easy for things to get nasty but no one likes to be victim to an aggressive text or phone call. The landlord often starts threatening the tenant and in return the tenant digs their heels in and insists on staying for as long as possible, just to spite the landlord (or, in most cases, it’s because they’ve been instructed by the housing department to “stay put” until the bailiffs come knocking…*SIGH*).

So this was the situation that our Vendor found herself in.

She asked for our advice and I told her that although this is a very stressful time for her, she needs to remain as calm and level headed as possible, which is easier said than done. I’ve been in this situation myself many years ago and, I’m usually a very calm and loving person but I felt so much anger to the point that I thought I was going to take Hulk form and start hulk smashing everything! (I’m glad to say, I did not turn green or start smashing things!)

I suggested to the Vendor that she avoid contact with the tenant for the next day or so and just consider her options, a couple of which were:

1. Instruct a professional company / solicitor to serve the relevant notices (after having resolved the gas cert and documentation issues)
2. Ask the tenant nicely and calmly to sit and have a chat to go through their options, which were:
a. Service Notice, Court Hearing, public humiliation by Bailiff eviction (no one wants this)
b. The landlord could offer to pay a deposit on a new property for the tenant. After all, paying £600-£800 is better than forking out court & bailiff fees while the tenant sits in the house refusing to pay the rent!

The Vendor felt quite frustrated that one of the options was to GIVE the tenant money after she’d caused such a fuss. Why should she be out of pocket? But, after talking her through the whole dragged out process of eviction, she decided this would be best and save her time, stress and money in the long run.

After a day or so of calming down, the Vendor managed to meet with her tenant. I’m happy to say that the tenant accepted the waving white flag and agreed to accept the deposit money for a new property and even thanked the landlord for helping her.

I’m also happy to report that the property sold during the first viewing…for £10,000 more than the asking price! So, the Vendor was not out of pocket after all and she’s thankful that she made the right decision to allow the house sale to go through.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your buy to let property, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to offer some advice and help you going forward. Either pop into our office on Bond Street, Nuneaton. Call us on 02477 674545 or email info@qthomes.co.uk